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Before I get into it, just know the pictures just serve as visual representations, not actual pictures

Okay so anyway, evidence for this theory is the following:


Only two kind of habitats give rise to hairless animals, an aquatic one and a one below the ground (a naked mole rat for example)

.The suggestion that humans have become hairless to prevent overheating has been rendered false because hair can act like a defense against the sun.

This is why camels retain their fur even in the hot dessert environment. 


We have ten times the number of fat cells as expected in an animal our size. Only two types of animals have large fat cells: hibernating and aquatic ones. 

In hibernating it’s seasonal fat, but in aquatic it’s all year round. It’s unreasonable to think that we evolved this feature in land because large fat pockets would have just slowed us down. 

Primate babies are always born slender, but human babies start to develop fat even before birth. 


So we’re the only mammals that have developed bipedalism. This is a surprise, because walking on 2 legs vs. walking on 4 legs is very disadvantageous. It’s slower, unstable, our organs are vulnerable to damage.

One theory is that if our habitat was flooded, we’d have to walk on two legs to keep our heads above the water.

The only animal who has ever evolved a pelvis like ours, the swamp ape, used this method. 


We have conscious control over our breathing. Ever other land animal doesn’t. Mammals like dolphins and seals also conscious control because it tells them how deep they are going to dive and they can estimate how much air they need to inhale.


Our body is so wasteful of salt and water. Think of tears and our way of sweating. Other land mammals don’t have this. Water mammals do however. 

Okay anyway I hope you learned something. 

Here’s a source and where you can find more information: X

For more interesting posts like this, go here: X

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The worst part about liking classical music is when you forget the name of a piece and you can’t google the lyrics because there are none


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Inspired by this.

Anna took the habit of staying at Elsa’s door all evenings, talking to her or even trying to read her stories like Elsa used to do to her. The first night, she woke up on her bed and never understood why, so she kept doing it but was always woken up by a staff member in the middle of the hallway. So she stopped doing it. Until the day their parents died..image







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Please don’t remove the artist’s caption/comment when you reblog a drawing/comic/etc.

I obviously can’t speak for everyone, but in my case the caption is often an addition to the joke, and if you take it away, you take away a part of my comic.

Seriously, guys? Seriously? Why would you do that? 

point proven omg

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just remember that had voldemort picked neville to kill instead of harry and nevile was the boy who lived/the chosen one if neville had that lightening bolt scar severus snape would still be a death eater

it’s not like he thought being a death eater was wrong — it wasn’t until something directly affected him did he reconsider and idk about you but that is not my definition of “bravery” in the slightest

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a few years ago i trained my dog to respond to harry potter spells and i was just wondering if he still remembered them so i looked at him and said “avada kedavra” and he rolled over and played dead

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I feel like we need some clarification






This is a Kimono (Japanese):


This is a Hanfu (Chinese):


This is a Qi Pao (Chinese):


This is a Hanbok (Korean):


Any questions? 

ao dai


I just wanna say, the exact type of kimono shown is a Furisode. One with long arms. |’D

God I love traditional dresses

There’s also yukata:








And jinbei:


Those are all Japanese. ashdkshdjkh

people on DA need this very badly gfhjkal

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did they just

yes, they did

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I think I need to use this PowerPoint with everyone at school

As a person with a social anxiety disorder, all of this is absolutely wonderful, with the exception of the whole “yes or no” questions. You said to not treat anyone like children, but treating them like they can’t form a proper sentence without exhausting themselves is incredibly demeaning and would absolutely make me feel like I’m being talked down to. Like, what is the person supposed to ask? So, little girl, do u like coloring? Or dogs? Like, being shy doesn’t make you fucking stupid. It doesn’t hinder your sentence forming abilities. It very well may alter the way things come out, but being shy or anxious just means it takes warming up to get to that point. Getting used to people. Because once I’m used to you and enjoy your company, I do not shut the fuck up. Fuck “one word answer questions.” Ask me about what I enjoy, and I guarantee you you’ll get a better response than treating them like they’re unable to form a fucking sentence.

Actually, I get very easily overwhelmed by anxiety, and I completely understand the need for simple questions.  Possibly the best advice is to play it by ear?  If I stare at you and take a long time on simple questions, don’t ask me ten more, because I will start to freak out at my inability to act normally.

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This is, in fact, the most important post on the internet.

Every male should be required to read this.


the most perfect post. 

This is marvelous.

But I will point out that you’re not going to get toxic shock syndrome because you leave your tampon in for an extra 3 minutes. Toxic shock is a rare disease and the chances of getting it can be increased by the prolonged use of tampons. Incidence is about 0.003% per year of tampon-using women. (That’s roughly the murder rate in the US…though, to be clear, for all people, whether or not they use tampons)

In other words…you do not have a time bomb ticking in your crotch. Toxic shock is rare, but be aware of the symptoms just in case.

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I scrolled down hoping for an explanation and there was none.

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sagapo Asked:
HOW DARE YOU. HOW DAAAAAAARE YOU. First of all, how dare you like different music than I do. That's unacceptable. Secondly, who do you think you are calling out an artist on their shitty behavior and frequent use of homophobic, sexist, ableist slurs?!

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In Star Wars, a boy can grow up to be a knight or a wizard, but if you’re a girl, you have one good role model- one good, sexy role model- but you better be born a princess or good at space hooking, cuz those are your options [x]

Yeah, this is true… except for the female Jedi Knights, Rebel leaders, senators, ELECTED queens,bounty hunters… and that’s not counting the Expanded Universe stuff.