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Anxiety relief

So I was talking to someone with anxiety today, and realised that not everyone knows about this app.  This is an android application called Relax and Sleep, available free from the Google Play store. There should be similar applications on IoS; try searching “white noise”.

Basically, it plays different sounds.  It can play one, or several (though more than about three can really drain your battery, and it warns you of that), and you can have them continuously, or on a timer.  I use it when overwhelmed with anxiety.  I like the combo of “Campfire”, “Music Box Lullaby”, and (really quietly) “White Noise”, right now, (or “Atmospheric Melody” with “Chorus Frogs”) but it also has birds, many kinds of water and rain, monks chanting, air conditioner, clocks, wind, owl, refrigerator fan, ocean…   There are over 35 sounds.  It helps me drown out my panic; it might work for someone else.

Before anyone wonders, no one asked/paid/begged/bribed me to suggest this.  I just realise there are a lot of people on Tumblr with anxiety and/or depression, and hey, it might help someone, right?